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So I know I said I would have Jisoo’s route posted earlier this week and Jihae’s by tonight, but I forgot that they both have two endings so it took me a little longer to play them. Plus I have been exhausted from work the last two weeks, I feel like all I do is work and sleep!


I really enjoyed Jisoo’s route, there was just enough angst and romance to get your heart racing, I was looking for a little drama when I started Jisoo’s route and that is just what I got. Jisoo is super possessive and the jealous type, he doesn’t really like you talking to any guy’s (including Heejae) let alone go on a date with anyone else. Surprisingly I didn’t hate Jisoo’s jealous behavior, I felt like he was more worried about how innocence MC is towards guys and was just trying to look after her so she wouldn’t be taken advantage of. I actually found him to be like a big teddy bear, he is so big and tough looking, but he get’s so worried when MC comes home late and tries his hardest to protect and make her happy. The fact that he practically has to beg her to tell him about her problems really pulled at my heart strings, cause honestly what guy ask’s to hear about your feelings… other than a therapist. Jisoo is really just a big sweety, with a weird control issue.

One thing I don’t like about this game is the ending’s, although they are “good endings” they leave a big opening that kind of leaves you with your feels all over the floor.


They make you go through all this heartbreak of losing your memory or having your love taken away and half the time the end just suggests that they meet up and live happily ever after. Now Jisoo’s “bad ending” was quite the interesting twist from his “good ending”. Pretty much his jealousy takes over and he becomes so obsessed and possessive over you that he doesn’t want you to do anything but sit in your room and only see him, which leads to him drugging you in the end to keep you from going anywhere. I actually kind of liked Jisoo’s bad ending…until he follows you everywhere you go and doesn’t let you do anything including eating or going to the bathroom by yourself.


Here are some tips to get Jisoo’s good ending:

  • SAVE and LOAD!!! (that way if you pick the wrong answer or can’t find him you can reload and try again.)
  • Focus on raising Art skill (final: 20) and Beauty (final: 17).
  • Max out his affinity as soon as possible.
  • Collect 30 stamps (while looking around on dates)
  • DO NOT get ANY hearts with any of the other guys.

Places to find Jisoo:

  • Drawing (bedroom)
  • Relaxing on the couch/Home shopping
  • Doing Laundry
  • Cooking/Looking in fridge


  • Pat tummy (animal)
  • Play with (animal)
  • stare at abs/nether region (human)
  • Poke abs/nether region (human)
  • Hug him
  • Show love (all parts of his body work)

Gifts Jisoo Likes:

  • Necklace
  • Leather jacket
  • Gloves
  • Undies
  • Dirty magazine
  • Any Dandelion stuff

Here are some tips to get Jisoo’s bad ending:

  • Once the animals transform into human’s, get 1 heart with Jisoo, then 1 heart with Jihae.
  • Raise Beauty Stat to 10 and Art Skills to at least 8 by the end of October.
  • On 11/24 an event scene will take place in the kitchen, this scene confirms that you are on the bad ending route.
  • Continue raising stats and affinity with Jisoo (no need to raise any more affinity with Jihae since you are already on the bad ending route).
  • You will see a different first kiss scene then the one in the good ending.
  • Bad ending completes on 02/02.

Well enjoy all of the feels during these routes…cause there are lots of them!


March 25, 2013
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