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Prince Jun is your typical stuck up brat of a prince, he is very forceful and will do anything to get the bracelet from MC. I really didn’t like Jun in the beginning because he doesn’t try to get to know the MC and make her want to give him the bracelet, he just tries and tricks her by buying her presents and making her think he likes her… and that’s just not nice.

He’s just lucky that he is one of the more attractive prince’s. It’s just to bad he never seems to smile more than a smirk, he would be so much prettier! Seriously though Jun and Chezem could almost pass as girls with their beautiful locks of hair

Well other than that I don’t really have anything else to say about him, really the only reason I like him is because he is attractive (I know… shallow).

Here is Jun’s Walkthrough:

Chapter One

* This place is # 1!

* I thought so.

Chapter Two

* Seem eerie…

* How pathetic…!

Chapter Three

* I wanted to go.

* Same as always.

Chapter Four

* Oh, I love it!

* Resist him.

Chapter Five 

* This is wrong!

* Not unusual.

Chapter Six

* This is lonely.

* Can’t look.

Chapter Seven

* How cuuute!!

* Like a good king.

Chapter Eight

* Stop him!

* I’ll help!

Chapter Nine

* I can’t give up!

* Look at yourself!

Chapter Ten

* I have no idea!!

* Confess my love.

Chapter Eleven

* Trust me, Jun.

* Thanks to you.

Chapter Twelve

January 23, 2013
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